Kinnarps and Skapaskolan collaborate on school environments of the future

Skapaskolan in Stockholm, Sweden, was officially opened in January. A unique learning environment where the classrooms have been further developed to invite activity, variety and movement. A school for the future with a focus on student development and which uses the latest digital technology.

”Our concept is built on larger learning environments with more students, more teachers and large flexibility. Different spaces for different activities, distinct areas for different groups and quiet and varying corners that are safe and offer privacy for those who need it."

Christer Holger, founder and CEO, Skapaskolan

The innovative Skapaskolan in Stockholm, Sweden, was only officially opened in January but is already attracting visits from all over the world. Christer Holger has realised his vision of a creative learning environment as an attractive workplace for everyone by collaborating closely with Kinnarps and leading experts and designers. Skapaskolan is a large workplace as it has room for 500 students from preschool to ninth grade, their teachers and other staff. The new school was designed in detail to support the management's vision of a school where students are encouraged and given the ability to follow their dreams. The school's pedagogy are based on the unique characteristics and needs of each individual – and the fact that modern information technology makes it possible to create learning environments independent of traditional school interiors.

"Kinnarps cannot be involved in the pedagogy used, but we can and want to be involved in designing the physical environment. Skapaskolan truly shows that everything our company works toward is possible –it just takes creativity and a little courage! We are incredibly happy to collaborate with a school that dare to invest and build a complete new school with the learning environment in focus from the start. A very successful project”, says Anders Larsson, Kinnarps Next Education Concept Manager

The learning environment in Skapaskolan was designed in close collaboration with the world renowned architect and learning environment expert Peter Lippman, designer Rikard Gartmyr from Wolfgang design agency and Kinnarps. All teachers have been deeply involved in the process. The result is innovative solutions where the conventional classrooms have been replaced by multi-faceted study rooms where students can choose between different areas and working methods depending on the activity at hand. Daily movement is on the schedule and the students can make use of the latest in digitalisation and new technology when learning. The new learning environment supports and inspires students to be innovative and creative, and it encourages the sharing of knowledge between both students and teachers.

All furniture is choosen with care and with a focus on top quality materials, all according to the principle that a well-thought-out physical environment can have a positive impact on learning. Furniture and materials that signify an environment that is important and valuable. Why not have white-stained oak veneer in the school restaurant?

"We wanted varying environments, and the students to find safe areas and be active in their own learning. We have sought for authenticity in the furniture and materials that can add new values to the learning environment. Furniture is an important cultural carrier. Our brand is reinforced and the school's attractiveness among students, teachers and staff increases by designing a good physical environment with good design," says the founder of Skapaskolan Christer Holger.

The most important workplaces of a country are its schools. Those who spend time there deserve an attractive and creative environment that supports different activities. This is the point of departure for Kinnarps concept Next Education®, which is a philosophy and method for setting up active learning spaces. Environments that are varied, flexible and which support and facilitate both students and teachers in their everyday lives with learning and teaching.

Study visits to Skapaskolan will be organised by Kinnarps.


For more information, please contact

Anders Larsson
Next Education Concept Manager
+46 (0)515 381 28

About Skapaskolan

Skapaskolan is an independent school with a vision that students should develop the 'courage and ability to follow their dreams'. The school sees itself as a unique and positive force which, by running an innovative school based on dreams, well-being, IT and relevance, creates meaningful and stimulating schooling for its students.


About Kinnarps Next Education®

Next Education is a philosophy and method for the setting up of active learning spaces. Carefully-conducted analyses and workshops are used to develop unique, customised environments with the school. In this way, a sustainable, flexible and attractive environment that supports both students and teachers in their learning and teaching is created based on facts.


About Kinnarps


Kinnarps delivers interior design solutions for offices, schools and healthcare facilities. The entire value chain is characterised by high quality and low environmental impact – from raw materials to finished workplace solutions. Kinnarps is one of Europe's biggest manufacturers of interior design solutions for workplaces, with operations in 40 countries and a Group turnover of over 420 million Euro. Kinnarps was founded in 1942 by Jarl and Evy Andersson. It is still today a wholly-owned family business.