Kinnarps takes part in the we_change sustainability tour 2017

During the spring, Kinnarps is taking part in the we_change tour organised by Ungdomar AB. It is a sustainability initiative focused on young people, in which secondary school pupils around Sweden have the opportunity to contribute concrete solutions for sustainable development.

Photo: Erik Lefvander

sustainability and the future

Kinnarps has decided to collaborate with we_change in order to take part in the dialogue and find out more about how young people think about sustainability and the future. Sustainable thinking is a natural part of Kinnarps' value chain. In conjunction with the we_change tour, we are also focusing on the UN's Global Goals for Sustainable Development (

Kinnarps will be working on 3 of the 17 goals in the workshops organised during the tour:

No. 3 - Good health and well-being.
No. 4 - Quality education for all.
No. 12 - Responsible consumption and production.



                                               Photo: Erik Lefvander

Johanna Ljunggren

Our participation in we_change is based on our belief that there is a huge potential in the young people of today – a will to be able to make changes – but they are unsure that they know how to act. We want to discuss concrete solutions focused on three of the global goals, and at the same time we want to find out more about what the young people of today consider important for global sustainable development

Johanna Ljunggren, Sustainability Manager, Kinnarps AB

Young people in Sweden today think that the world needs to be made more sustainable. This is shown by a brand new survey conducted by in February 2017, with over 1,100 respondents aged 14-25. At the same time, half the young people say they do not feel they have had an opportunity to get involved and have an influence on creating a better world. 

Photo: Sebastian Streith

Anders Larsson

Of course it's possible to change and influence the world, and we at Kinnarps want to participate in the dialogue with young people on how they want to create a more sustainable school and a more sustainable world. Schools are our most important workplaces, and should also therefore be the best – not least from a sustainability point of view. Here we feel a responsibility for contributing to change, and we look forward to taking part in the discussions of how we, together, can take steps forward

Anders Larsson, Kinnarps, Next Education Manager, Kinnarps AB



Jönköping 21-22 March, Jönköping University

Skövde 27-28 March, Gymnasium Skövde & Arena Skövde




During spring 2017, we_change (which is run by Ungdomar AB) will be visiting eight towns and meeting thousands of secondary school pupils. It is a unique platform where young people, authorities, municipalities, business, research, politicians, schools and other societal stakeholders meet and jointly work towards a sustainable world through inspirational lectures, panel discussions and workshops. Visit we_change on facebook


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