Kinnarps helps promote the city by the bay

The Cardiff Business Council (CBC) chose Kinnarps to furnish a marketing suite - a physical presence to inspire potential investors and promote collaboration and discussion - created in the heart of Cardiff Bay to create a welcoming, inspiring environment that complements the professional, business-like qualities of the cities aspiration.
Vibrant colours, combined with a strong sense of presence and strength, create a space for collaboration and decision making as well as the softer needs of networking and entertainment.
A group of Kinnarps’ Esencia task chairs around a bench of Series N desking forms a hub of workstations, while a conference table surrounded by the elegant Embrace range of meeting chairs offers a space to give presentations and make decisions. Clusters of solid Pio armchairs create areas for smaller group discussions and networking.

“We’re delighted with the overall look and feel of the new marketing suite. The Kinnarps furniture adds that vital element of a professional welcome and a business-like purpose to the environment. It has a vibrant, exciting style which we feel reflects the qualities of Cardiff.”

Louise Prynne, Marketing Director, Cardiff Business Council.

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