Client projects: Coca-Cola

In 2013, Coca-Cola France decided to relocate. The old building and working environment no longer fitted their business and its new way of working. So the company decided to relocate to a brand new building with an interior design solution that suited its goals and aspirations.

Architects Studios Architecture, who were responsible for the interior design of Google’s prestigious Paris office, were chosen to design the building itself and Kinnarps was responsible for part of the interior design.

Key focus areas

The key words for the project were flexibility, ergonomics and design. All with a view to creating spaces that were customised for individuals, groups and the business as a whole. A working environment that was conducive to both dialogue and focus. Employees’ wellbeing was a key factor, so employees were given the opportunity to input their views on the interior design and the choice of solutions. The whole company was involved in the process and all those who would use the new working environment got the chance to have their say.

The result: A successful outcome where employees were given the opportunity to express themselves on the choice of furniture, making it possible to involve all employees and for them to engage with the final corporate solution.