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Project facts

Mondi Polska

Poznań, Andersia Tower

Agata Nowakowska OOSTU. STUDIO

650 m2

Number of workstations:

April 2022

New Mondi Polska office in Poznan

Mondi Polska is a dynamic recruitment company, which mas made building long-term relationships its priority, which is highly appreciated by hundreds of customers and applicants both in Poland and abroad. The company 10th anniversary made an impulse to make bold decisions – a comprehensive rebranding and redesigning of the office. Mondi Polska was looking for a space that could keep up with the pace of the company, providing a comfortable environment for both individual work and collaboration across departments. The design of the new office was entrusted to Agata Nowakowski from OOSTU. STUDIO, and Kinnarps provided comprehensive furnishing.

Functional solutions

The interior of Mondi Polska’s new office reflects the modern and innovative nature of the company, but with an emphasis put on homely atmosphere. The company wanted to create a unique space that encourages employees to use the office, facilitates close collaboration and communication across the departments, and creates an environment for concentration. The concept includes a number of rooms for individual work as well as smaller teams in addition to the open-space area. As we spend a lot of our day at work, the aim of the project was to create an office space where everyone is happy to be present, and feels good.

The main objective was to create a shared space that promotes communication between employees, taking into account zones that ensure comfortable work in open space. The workspace has been enhanced with several spaces to be used for more informal meetings or relaxation. The design of the office space, with respect to the client’s needs, working style and development plans, included a comprehensive choice of office furniture with extra interior design details such as lighting, curtains and greenery.

Agata Nowakowska, architect, OOSTU STUDIO

Through an in-depth analysis of the company’s needs and the properties of the selected space, as well as thanks to close cooperation with the project team, an office concept was created, having been fully adapted to the design’s objectives, with a well-thought-out functional layout that takes into account different needs of the different departments, as well as acoustics, and sunlight changes in different parts of the office during the day.

Different types of meeting places

In the central office area, there is a spacious glass-glazed kitchen, which is a place for staff members to meet and integrate. Its location is not random, and it fits into the homely interior design concept.

There are several types of meeting places used in the office. Among them are traditional designs – with a conference table and chairs, more informal arrangements with lounge furniture and coffee tables, as well as spaces with mobile pieces that allow one to rearrange the interior, taking into account the number of participants and the meeting character.

A warm welcome

The reception zone features Pax visitor chairs with their curved design. The open armchair design invites you to sit back and relax while you wait for a meeting.

Scandinavian balance

The Crest easy chair strikes the perfect balance between openness and privacy. The backrest panel is slightly higher than the cushions, which creates a cosy nesting effect, at the same time encouraging conversation and interaction.

Functional elegance

Fendo chairs have a small footprint and provide maximum seating comfort. The Velvety fabric adds an elegant touch to the interior with its velvet-like finish.

​Cosy interior with a homely feel

The office space uses a variety of wood finishes to give it a homely feel. Natural plants, carefully selected fabrics and accessories in the soothing, earth-like tones create a coherent colour scheme, contributing to the cosiness of the interior.

Acoustics is an important part of a workspace. The daily activities of Mondi employees encompass frequent telephone conversations. By using acoustic solutions, such as Vibe screens, a space has been created that ensures a comfortable working environment for every employee.


Sustainable solutions in the Mondi office are also worth noticing. This includes carefully thought-out interior design solutions, such as the location of the open space zone, created in order to make the most of natural daylight and Kinnarps’ range of ergonomic furniture, which contributes to a positive working environment and employee well-being. Also, the presence of natural greenery, in the form of a plant wall with an irrigation system and flower boxes in each office zone, improves the quality of the indoor air. The harmonious earth tones also have a positive effect on the space users. Filters for drinking water were also used to reduce the use of plastic.


The spatial conditions of Mondi Polska new office reflect the company’s search for innovative solutions. The result is a timeless interior with a modern, yet homely expression, an open, flexible space, which provides spaces for meetings and enables effective, focused work.

One of the values that Mondi Polska has in its daily work is partnership. By working with Kinnarps, we have created an office that is tailored to our needs. The project was successfully completed thanks to an unorthodox approach, open-mindedness to feedback, flexibility, commitment, seeking alternatives, support and hard work. The result is a warm working environment that combines homelike interior design with full office functionality fit for a modern, dynamic company.

Rafał Mroziewski, Board President of Mondi Polska

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