Client projects: Oticon

Case facts

Oticon office at Q22, Warsaw

Barnaba Grzelecki, BIT CREATIVE studio.


599 m2

Year of implementation:


Around the sound

Oticon is a member company of the Demant Group, a world leader in the manufacture, sales and design of diagnostic equipment and hearing aids. The company offers top-quality hearing aids incorporating the most advanced technology and audiology, in line with Oticon's global brand mission to provide people suffering from hearing loss with comfort and to help them develop their potential.

The main concept behind the design for the Oticon office, which occupies the 5th floor of the Q22 office building in Warsaw, was to create a light and functional space that could meet the needs of employees and provide them with comfortable working conditions. Given the specific nature of the company's business, the leading theme for the office was sound.

"We wanted our company's office to be arranged in a modern, Scandinavian style with great emphasis on the health and comfort of our employees. It was also essential for us to capture the characteristics of the company and to adapt the office functionality to individual areas of expertise."

Anna Gronau, Administration Manager at Demant Warsaw

The interior design was developed by the BIT CREATIVE studio, with specialists from Kinnarps responsible for the delivery of office furniture.

"It was a very interesting and challenging project for us. Oticon, an industry leader, had a well-defined goal - the office had to meet the highest demands in terms of functionality and ergonomics, and the employees were supposed to feel good there. That's why together with Kinnarps we took care of the ergonomics and aesthetics, down to the last detail," said Barnaba Grzelecki, architect and founder of the BIT CREATIVE studio.

Natural harmony and beauty

Designed in a minimalist style, the Oticon offices impress with their simplicity of form, subdued colours and thoughtful functionality. The dominant colour is white, which gives the rooms a feeling of lightness and space. This is balanced by the colours of natural wood and the fresh green of plants. The choice of colours and elegant materials is not a coincidence - such a combination positively influences the well-being of employees and their effectiveness.

"A friendly working space should reflect as many natural environmental characteristics as possible. That is why we used vivid green a lot for the décor, in the moss walls for example, in combination with the wood and white. The delicate materials and colour details complement the effect, while the symbols and visual accents refer to sound - Oticon's leading theme. We have also placed great importance on acoustic solutions on walls and ceilings."

Barnaba Grzelecki, architect and founder of the BIT CREATIVE studio

Ergonomics was an extremely important aspect in designing Oticon's new office space. The work spaces have been equipped with high quality Kinnarps furniture – desk chairs with headrests from the Plus series and Oberon desks with electrically adjustable height, allowing employees to smoothly transition from sitting to standing. The acoustic design of conference rooms and other meeting places completes the whole.

kinnarps polska_fotomohito_oticon_int_ (25).jpg

kinnarps polska_fotomohito_oticon_int_ (30).jpg

kinnarps polska_fotomohito_oticon_int_ (26).jpg

Kinnarps - a reliable partner

The Demant Group began working with Kinnarps several years ago, because of their interest in high quality furniture in the Scandinavian style. The good, long-lasting partnership has continued, which is why the task of equipping the new Oticon office space was naturally entrusted to Kinnarps.

"We are delighted that once again a Demant group company has placed its trust in us, appreciating the quality, comprehensiveness and timeless design of the solutions offered by Kinnarps. The equipment, which combines quality and ergonomics, ensures that a carefully designed office space becomes a friendly workplace," said representatives of Kinnarps.

The Oticon office design reflects the global brand standards. In addition to open space, employees have large conference rooms as well as small meeting rooms available. The office also features a large, modern Scandinavian style kitchen.

"Implementing this project was both an extremely interesting experience and a creative challenge for us. Some of the furniture was custom-made according to Oticon's guidelines. We are proud that the customer has received a tailor-made, unique design solution," they added.


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