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Lyon, France

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2000 m2

Alexis Paoli

ResMed Lyon: Flexibility for improved sustainability

The company took advantage of Kinnarps’ expertise for its interior design project which aimed to extend new ways of working to all employees. This included the creation of flexible spaces to help meet the continuous growth demands during a prosperous time for the company, with a focus on flexible office spaces where employees can choose their work environment according to the tasks to be performed, whether individually or as a group. A reorganisation led to the birth of different environments with a focus on well-being through spaces evoking home comforts, along with the additional pleasure of movement and interpersonal communications in the office. This notion of well-being at work is not insignificant, given that it is associated with overall improvements in productivity and efficiency – important factors for a company wanting to support its growth.

The flexibility provided by Kinnarps’ interior solutions has enhanced the levels of collaboration between departments. This has now led to improved information transfer and contributes to the continuous improvement in the working conditions of the company’s employees.

An evolving project

ResMed’s initial goal was to redesign two buildings, but with the rapid increase in employee numbers, the group decided to move into a third building and increase the number of meeting spaces within it. The focus throughout was on the sustainability of the office furniture through intensive daily use along with comfort following long periods of sitting down. Although the pandemic contributed its share of surprises to this project, it continued to evolve throughout its implementation and it was finally completed after 3 years of work in July 2023.

Comfort at work for all

The medical technology company wanted to repurpose the working conditions of its employees and started by offering modular spaces. One key aspect of Kinnarps’ solutions was that the office furniture had to be adaptable to all body shapes to provide optimum comfort for all users, in turn making it easy to share workplaces. Therefore, the solution had to be suitable for as many people as possible, while being sustainable, long-lasting and emphasising the environmental impact and circularity to align with the values advocated by the group. This was also reflected in the choice of products that would either contribute to a circular economy or were designed with eco-conscious materials without compromising the ergonomic aspect. The furniture therefore enabled the creation of workspaces with different atmospheres that attuned to the company’s values.

Customisation was at the heart of the project and the KCS (Kinnarps Colour Studio) allowed ResMed to express its full creativity in its choice of colours and materials – important factors in everyone’s well-being. Sessions were held at the beginning of the project to agree on these elements. Also guided by the Lyon-based agency during this phase, the company discussed colour choices at length in order to create the desired ambiences, particularly the wish to create a cocoon in certain spaces. This enabled zones to be differentiated, sometimes with green and wood colours or even pink, which supports both concentration and collective work. Colours are an important factor in holistic ergonomics, and unknowingly, they influence us in our behaviours and perception of spaces. This is underlined by the client, who emphasises the almost endless possibilities of the KCS in interior design.


A workplace analysis helps to map and analyse needs and work patterns before designing a new office. With specific tools and workshops, the staff is involved throughout the change journey to create engagement and participation. Based on the results, recommendations are given regarding the layout, space allocation and working methods. Read more about our workplace analysis Next Office® here.



Quality of life at work

The idea underpinning this project was for ResMed to greatly improve the environmental conditions within its premises and help the company increase its attractiveness, whilst also helping its employees to thrive on a daily basis. A long-term investment has been made and the feedback already shows the general buy-in from employees who are curious about the newly installed office furnishings. Employees are adopting new and innovative ways of working and are delighted with the outcome of Kinnarps' solutions.

We are pleased to have collaborated with the Kinnarps teams who not only supported us during all the stages of the project by being close at hand, but also with their proposals to us. This collaboration operated as a partnership, going beyond a traditional relationship between service provider and its client. They always made themselves available and that was very important to us. Through their vision of workspace design, we have created the perfect office spaces from all the individual pieces that now support our growth. This project also owes its success to the Next Office® survey carried out by our Kinnarps contacts to better define our needs. As part of the Next Office® study the teams worked closely together in play-oriented workshops to consolidate the designs of tomorrow.

Delphine Viallon, Senior Manager, Corporate & Internal communication at ResMed



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Next Office® – the analysis leads the way

Next Office® by Kinnarps provides a clear and quantified view of the office's needs through accurate and comprehensive collection of data in relation to issues such as office occupancy rates, usage patterns and working habits. This has resulted in a translation of needs in terms of acoustics, focus, lighting and creativity. This project has been so successful for ResMed because it is a workspace definition tailored to current and future needs.

What this company liked was that Kinnarps included a panel of employees which helped everyone feel involved in project. As an effect, it was easy to win the employees round towards the improved workspaces in which they could feel good and be more productive. Kinnarps listened very closely to feedback on these designs, which have undergone many changes over time. The workshops set up as part of the Next Office® service were also an opportunity to provide a perfect understanding of what was planned for the company.

This approach therefore takes account of holistic ergonomics in the analysis of global factors that contribute to everyone’s well-being. This full experience of a space enables all employees to be successful together and stimulates the development of the company when carefully thought through.

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  • A project that operated in partnership with the client who was able to transform the working conditions of its employees by using Kinnarps and its Next Office® service.
  • These designs will enable ResMed to support its growth in the short and long term.
  • The office furnishings make an impact and employees find the spaces “pleasant”, “cosy” and “cocooning”.

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