Client projects: New office of the Tpay payment operator

Project facts

Tpay’s office

Andersia Tower, Poznań

Interior design:
Agata Nowakowska, OOSTU.STUDIO

662,90 m2



The Tpay payment operator is a dynamic Polish company from the fintech sector, whose new seat in Poznań provides its team with functional working space adjusted to present needs. The company invested in the office, while allowing its employees to choose home office or an attractive working environment in one of the most prestigious office buildings in Poznań. It entrusted the performance of the equipment and arrangement of the Tpay office at the Andersia Tower to experts from Kinnarps.


Space of relations

During the pandemic, Tpay, whose solutions are addressed to the e-commerce sector, increased the number of employees by more than 50 percent. The purpose of the new site was to ensure a flexible, communication-friendly space that may be easily rearranged for a venue of a conference, meeting in a wider group or workshop. The company wanted to create an office open to the employees’ current needs – such as work in different modes (hybrid, team and individual) – and to the needs of guests and business partners.

The project team with which we cooperated during the arrangement of the Tpay new office was very open to our ideas, and in the first place, it listened carefully to the needs of its employees. We took into account all of them in the project of the new office, which resulted in an attractive and friendly space with diverse functions. Subtle colours of the furniture allowed the introduction of stronger accents on fitted carpets and in accessories. In this way, we created a unique, diverse working environment forming a coherent whole”, says architect Agata Nowakowska from OOSTU.STUDIO, author of the project.


Clear functional division

The major challenges during the creation of Tpay’s seat included the division of the open space into smaller areas so that each person, regardless of tasks performed, could work in comfortable conditions. It required taking into account the acoustics at an early stage of the project and the selection of appropriate furniture and other elements of the interior arrangement, such as sound-absorbing panels, carpets, etc. The new space was arranged in accordance with the Activity Based Working (ABW) concept, which assumes the adjustment of the space to the type of tasks performed by the employees.

The office space is divided into the functional zones of quiet work and coworking intended for meetings and creative work, separated by acoustic panels and plants. Employees do not have their own desks – they book workstations and meeting rooms through an application. Additionally, mobile furniture allows a change in the arrangement based on current needs.

The new Tpay office is a response to changes brought about by the year 2020. The company has chosen the hybrid work model, in which the team has the possibility to combine work at home with work at the office in any combination of working time. All applied solutions were analysed in terms of mobility and the possibility of adjustment to changes in the dynamically developing organisation.

“Both the style of work and tasks of the Tpay team are supported by different types of space in the office and good choice of furniture solutions. We applied a lot of mobile elements allowing an easy rearrangement of the space. An additional advantage is ergonomics ensured by desk chairs automatically adjusting to the weight of users, and desks with electric height adjustment, allowing people of different heights to work in a comfortable position. We are very happy that openness and trust produced a result that meets the dynamic team’s expectations”, underlines Monika Papiernik, Project Coordinator from Kinnarps Polska.

Cooperation, comfort and co-participation

The Tpay office space was arranged in cooperation with the Tpay team open to searching for solutions and very aware of their needs, particularly in the scope of the office standard. The selection of the equipment covered standard furniture and customised solutions, such as: carpets, acoustic panels, boards, cabinets with pots for plants and the reception desk.

It was especially important to adjust the furniture to the types of the space arrangement – mobile solutions, such as mobile Trixagon tables and Monroe chairs on wheels, are in the coworking zone, while the quite work zone is equipped with series[P] tables with height adjustment and Esencia ergonomic task chairs. Oberon tables and Fendo chairs are in the conference rooms, and in the workshop area there are Foldex folding tables with 5000 series chairs. In the canteen, the employees and guests can use Oberon tables with two heights, Leia chairs and Frisbee barstools. In the large open space, the acoustic comfort is ensured by Vibe walls and other elements. Offices of the Management Board members required an individual approach. In these rooms, non-standard furniture solutions and arrangement elements referring to the users’ interests were used. Their ergonomics is ensured by Plus adjustable desk chairs.


The Trixagon tables belong to our product family of smart hexagonal-shaped furniture that fits together like jigsaw pieces. The tables can easily be rearranged for collaborative and project-based work in all kinds of work and learning spaces. It is also possible to equip these tables with power sockets for electronic equipment and charging.


Vibe desktop screens make it possible for everyone to have their own peaceful haven. Vibe Focus has high sound absorption and reduces the overall noise level throughout the room, while screening off the desk.


Fendo is a cosy, comfortable chair that provides maximum comfort without taking up a lot of space, perfect for meeting spaces. The gap and division between the seat and back are the elements that give this chair its distinctive character.

The range of products offered by Kinnarps is very wide, as a part from its own brands the Kinnarps Group has also taken into account the offers of many verified partners, which ensures that the client has a wide range of products to choose from. A huge advantage of Kinnarps is the fact that the project may be performed by it as the only supplier. In my opinion, the company’s approach to ecology and sustainability also constitutes an important element of the Kinnarps offer. The economical use of resources and reusable packaging for which the company bears responsibility are additional aspects important to me during the performance of the project, underlines architect Agata Nowakowska.

Successful end result

Tpay’s new office reflects the nature of the company’s work and individuality. The project is the embodiment of the idea of a modern office meeting the team’s requirements. The Tpay management is convinced that the conditions created for the employees have an impact on the company’s future. The pandemic has strengthened the company’s conviction that behind each technology, there is a human being, and it is worth taking care of their needs.

Work with Kinnarps resulted not only in comprehensive service in the scope of the interior outfitting, but also in building the identity of the new office and introducing changes into the whole organisation. We are happy that in cooperation with Kinnarps we managed to fulfil the employees’ expectations”, underlines Monika Mróz-Durska, the project coordinator in Tpay.

Opinions of the Tpay employees participating in the evaluation questionnaire at the end of the project prove that the effect is amazing:

“I get up in the morning and take public transport with pleasure because I know that in a moment I will be in a safe, friendly and comfortable place. When I get bored with a desk or need different conditions or incentives for work, I can easily move to another convenient place. I adapted to the new conditions very quickly and I don’t want to go back to the standard boring work model in a randomly and permanently allocated place. If I feel that I need a break and rest from the office, I can work at home”.

“The modern solutions in the rooms, the office equipment and the comfortable coworking zone have made a great impression on me. Walking around the office, I have a sense of peace and harmony. Everything in our office is well-thought-out and in the right place. Our office has excellent conditions for work both in individual and team modes”.

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