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Privacy and Cookies

Most websites use cookies to improve the user experience. A cookie helps the website to remember you, either during a visitor session with a 'session cookie' or for return visits using a 'persistent cookie'. Cookies are small data files that are used as identifiers of the user. The website servers sends a cookie to your device and store it there. As you browse our website they may also be sent back to the website's servers with updated data. 

When you browse our website, cookies are used to record information about your preferences. It helps us to tailor and improve your experience as a visitor of our website. Cookies can also help us to identify you when you visit us several times. A session cookie will expire when you have left our site and closed the brower while a persistent cookie has an expiry date and will be stored on your computer until that time and date is reached. It will also disappear if you delete cookies in your browser’s settings.