Axel Wenner, 12 years old, middle school

Twelve-year-old Axel Wenner has gained a special trust from classmates at his school in Täby: he is their "class buddy" and thus spokesman for the class in the consultation forum with the school. Among other things, they have discussed how to change places in the school where bullying often happens, to increase student safety. What they did not discuss, however, is the school's interior as a whole. Sadly, Axel calls it, and tells Agnese Blaubarde, among other things, that there are hardly any relaxation areas at all in his school.

"It was interesting to talk to Agnese, I have not talked to an architect before. It was new to me that you can have wall-to-wall carpet in the classroom, that was smart.”

Axel Wenner, after his conversation with interior architect Agnese Blaubarde