Jenny Hörberg, International Product Manager, Kinnarps

Jenny Hörberg is a product range and product developer at Kinnarps and works with products for modern learning environments. The school is special, she says, because there are so many different requirements to take into account. Different pedagogics are supported by different environments, schools exist in widely different localities with their special characteristics, and students are so different - in one and the same class, it is often true that students vary greatly in height, for example.

"It was very exciting to talk to Magnus - he dares to really stretch the boundaries, something that seems to be rewarding. What he said about that you really want to test the furniture I think it's good, that a school, for example, furnishes a classroom in a new way so that teachers and students can try how it works. Then you get clear messages about what's working and not."

Jenny Hörberg, after her conversation with principal Magnus Blixt