Peter Morfeldt, Consultant in School Development and Leadership

Peter Morfeldt has been working with the school for 30 years and is a specialist in school development. The driving force is in his own experience of working at school, such as School leader and Principal, among other things: he knows how difficult it is, and wants to be that person that he himself needed in the role of School leader. It is the school that builds the foundation for the society of the future, he states, of course, the physical environment is important for the success of the school. Sometimes the interior is referred to as "the third pedagogue" that will support students and educators in their daily activities. The physical environment of the school is about giving different environments for different forms of learning, says Peter Morfeldt.

"It is striking how many important views Tindra has as a student about her learning situation."

Peter Morfeldt, about his eye-opening conversation with secondary school student Tindra Saxe