Jenny Ohlis, Head teacher Vistaskolan

Jenny Ohlis, is Head teacher at Vistaskolan in Huddinge, and is also one of the founders of Skolpeppen, a project aimed at inspiring more creativity among students, teachers and parents. She takes advantage of the physical environment in every possible way in her daily work, for example by defining the function of different learning spaces, for listening, work and so on. In her school they also have some modernly equipped classroom on trial, among which the wall-to-wall carpet proved to be a favorite.

"From the conversation with Ulrika I take with me that there are so clear and concrete limits - when you are seven years old you should be able to do this and this. I'm an old dance teacher and have always had movement in my teaching, but this was new to me"

Jenny Ohlis, after her conversation with physiotherapist Ulrika Myhr