When Peaks & Plains Housing Trust wanted to reduce their property costs and create a vibrant, agile paperless working environment, they chose Kinnarps as their furniture partner.

Funding a refurbishment to allow a dramatic change in the quality and style of their working environment, through the rental of now redundant space, Peaks & Plains have created a dynamic, efficient and visually stunning office in their home town of Macclesfield.

“Reflecting the work of the trust and the character of our community was important. We wanted to be bold and exciting - and yet true to the values of a housing trust… an efficient, caring and positive force that enhances local people’s lives.”

Tim Pinder, CEO.

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David Wilcock of Band, the appointed architect, wanted a strong domestic feel to reflect those values and the work the trust do. “The scheme is borne from our experience of working in urban planning and community projects,” says David. “We wanted to create a workplace that had communities within communities. One with meaningful places, which is what Peaks & Plains create themselves. And to reflect their strong link to people’s home lives we also wanted a domestic, natural aesthetic.”


The choice of furniture from Kinnarps and our brands Materia and Skandiform was a perfect expression of the brief. “Kinnarps furniture has at its core a very inclusive, practical and sensible design language. Scandi-design strips back the complicated and celebrates clean lines. Simple, unfussy and natural. It puts people at ease, which is probably why it is so popular in consumer choices. We felt it was perfect for this project as it fitted the cool, calm - yet stunningly attractive - atmosphere we were seeking to build.”

We installed a wide variety of furniture in different settings. From workstations and task chairs to soft seating and meeting room furniture, all in a choice of fabrics to complement the funky carpets or the natural timber elements of the design.

“In the boardroom there’s one wall with a large image, from a local photographer, of a group of women who appear to be utterly contented with their lives. It’s there as a reminder of why we are here. I think our new workplace permeates that same message.
Be empowered to make change for the better in people’s lives.”

Tim Pinder, CEO

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Images & Video: Redshift Media