Back to work

This year, back to work means something new. We have long said that work is not a place you go to, it is the job you do. Now more than ever we have seen organisations and people embrace change and new ways of working. For some, back to work means staying at home, but for others, it means a gradual return to a new kind of office. Wherever you and your organisation find yourselves, we are here to help you create a work environment where you can prosper.

Return to a Safe Office Survey

This survey gives your company a view on how your employees have experienced working during Covid-19. You can use the result as a basis for planning the return to the office.

21 questions. 15 minutes.
Results in 12 days.

Space planning

Do you use your office space differently today compared to before? We can review your current interior and help you refurnish it to suit your needs.

Furniture consultation

What kind of products best fit your needs? We can guide you through the choices of products and solutions for the most ergonomic, flexible, and sustainable work environment, both at the office and at home.

Home office

Have you thought about the ergonomics of the employees working from home? With the right furniture setup, you make sure they can focus on work and be healthy. Our Express assortment, with fast delivery, is a selected range of products fitting for the home office. We can help you customise a solution for your business.

Workplace Analysis

Do you need to rethink your way of working? Perhaps by working from home, you have discovered other ways of working and see that the purpose of the office will change. With our workplace analysis, Next Office®, we can help you involve your employees, analyse your current and potential needs, and map your ways of working. The fact based results holds recommendations about space allocation, layout and working methods according to your vision and goals. This lays the foundation for a business-adapted and long-term sustainable solution that can help you and your people prosper. Read more.

Here for you, all the way

We know that times are hard for many businesses, and we want to help you create a work environment that supports productivity. You may feel uncertain of how you are going to use your space efficiently in the future. We can help you with flexible financing and lease options, giving you the possibility to use the products now, and return or own later.

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