Daylight helps us regulate our circadian rhythms - the daily cycle of waking and sleeping. These natural rhythms are affected by signals from our environment, the most important of which is daylight. For optimal daytime productivity we need to get good quality sleep. Exposure to daylight turns the genes that control our internal clocks on and off. When workers are spending up to 90% of their working day indoors, windows, skylights and other natural light sources are important drivers of welling being and productivity.1 When we sleep well, we start a new day feeling alert and refreshed!

1. California Energy Commission Technical Bulletin October (2003). Number P500-03-082-A-9. Windows and Offices A study of Office workers Performance and the Indoor Environment

Strategies and tips!

  • Windows bring much needed daylight and views that change throughout the day 
  • Internal glass walls help to spread precious natural light within a space
  • Organize your workspace around natural light sources and create open spaces around windows so natural light is spread efficiently

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