Most people enjoy a walk in a park, a forest or by the sea. Nature does good things to the human brain—it makes us healthier, happier, and provides plenty of sensory stimulation. Nature also helps alleviate stress symptoms and bringing natural elements into a workspace stimulates our minds and increases wellbeing.1 Open spaces with plants or trees, the sound of running water, wooden interior walls and a view outside are all effective ways to bring nature indoors. Encouraging workers to take their breaks outside can also help them reconnect with the world outside their window. 

1. Heerwagen, Judith H. , Ph.D., “Design, Productivity and Well Being: What Are the Links?,” March 12-14, 1998

Strategies and tips!

  • Think about views - if you’re in a city is there a view that catches the changing light?
  • Design views around shared spaces for maximal impact
  • Encourage workers to take breaks outside and provide a map of short walks to boost energy 

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