We spend a lot of our lives sitting – on our commute to work, during lunch and business meetings, watching TV at night and many of us also sit while we work! Sitting for long periods is not good for our bodies or our productivity. It affects our posture and increases the risk of illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes. Sit-stand desks allow workers to vary their working position, encouraging movement, which improves circulation and releases hormones and proteins that boost wellbeing. People come in different shapes and sizes but a sit-stand desk is a good example of a "one size fits all" solution that can be customized to suit any worker’s height or working preferences. 

Strategies and tips!

  • Provide training and ensure sit-stand desks are easy to operate to ensure workers use them regularly
  • Start by standing for short periods so your body gets used to a new working position
  • The more your sit, stand and move your body, the greater the benefits to your health

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