One of the reasons we enjoy nature and a good view, is that we crave sensory stimulation. Sensory stimulation can also positively affect focus and our ability to stay alert.1 If our work environment doesn’t stimulate our mind and senses, we loose motivation and focus. Rows of workstations, all in similar colours, set to the same height and with no individual features or the flat drone of air conditioning and computers fans isn’t typically the type of varied environment that stimulates productivity. Music, lighting, tone and texture variations provide pleasant stimulation necessary for productive work. 

1. R. Cooper, “The Psychology of Boredom, Science Journal 4, no. 2 (1968): 38–42

Strategies and tips!

  • Select products with sensory experience in mind - touch, colour, sound and scent
  • Introduce textures - natural fibres, wood wool tiles and plants
  • Use colour, artwork, and graphic patterns to create internal views and tonal change

More tips