Planning the return to a safe office: Guidance and advice for a safe working environment

Lockdown may be easing, but social distancing and extra safety measures are likely to remain in place for some time – particularly at our places of work. We see five topics which organisations will have to consider and act upon, in order to ensure a safe return.

Employee Involvement

How are you going to communicate new regulations to all staff? Is there a process for feeding back safety concerns as they arise?

Interior and layout

How can you rework the layout to comply with social distancing? Can you repurpose social space to accommodate extra employees?


Can your furniture be washed easily? Do you have flexible furniture which can adapt to your office’s new layout?


Are you equipped to clean and disinfect the office? Can you suggest contactless processes for day-to day tasks?

Work culture

Can you use videoconferencing to avoid crowded meeting rooms? Are you able to stagger work hours so that more employees can use the office?

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Kinnarps has produced ‘Planning the return to a safe office: Guidance and advice for a safe working environment’ – an interpretation of social distancing guidelines in the workplace and an action plan for your organisation. It includes a sample revised office layout, advice on post-lockdown workplace rules, and some tips for investing in the right furniture.


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