Five Scandinavian mantras to adopt in the New Year.

Gear up for 2019 with these five influential Scandinavian mantras:

Not too much. Not too little.

It might be reading just enough each evening to fuel your imagination, without causing stress and worry. Or it might be decorating a room with just enough flair to ‘wow’, but not too much to overwhelm. The Scandinavians call this ‘Lagom’ – the art of choosing just the right amount.

Keep it green.

‘Green living’ is no gimmick for the Scandinavians; it’s a way of life. In 1996, the Swedish city of Växjö became the first city in the world to set the goal of becoming completely fossil-fuel free.

With climate turmoil looming closer, now is the year to make your mark and think sustainable.

Bold isn’t always better.

Bright and fluorescent have their place, but subdued can be beautiful too.

Calm, muted, neutral colours – blues, creams and greys – have become hallmarks of modern Scandinavian design, underpinning effortlessly chic interiors and redefining standout.

Get lost in the open.

Nothing sparks creativity like a walk in the woods.

This is the Nordic concept of ‘Friluftsliv’, literally translated as ‘open-air living’. Fresh air is often foregone on a busy working day, but can play an important role in mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. It might even help you to crack your next project…

Dare to be different.

Don’t shirk it; it’s good to pack a punch.

Scandinavians may value functionality and simplicity, but never at the detriment of distinction. Take the Harpa Concert Hall in Reykjavik, think the iconic shapes of Fjällräven bags, or consider the boldness of our very own Mr. T stools, designed by Materia. It’s more than OK to be different.

Kinnarps is proud of its Scandinavian heritage; it influences every aspect of our culture and designs.

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