Individual desks

Being able to decide where and how you want to work in the office is important in enabling you as an employee to feel good and do a good job. The more alternatives you have, the easier it is to focus on the right things.


Freedom of choice
Concentrated and efficient
Good lighting and acoustic environment
Intelligent storage


Here, you can work in peace! When you decide to come here, your colleagues know that you don't want to be disturbed, and you can work efficiently in peace and quiet. A private desk can be created in both open environments and separate rooms. The important thing is that the space can be used for individual, concentration work, while conversations and phone calls are either avoided or restricted to being suited to the circumstances.  


Here you can choose between many different desks in an open environment. When you decide to come here, your colleagues know that you want to work individually, but it's OK to disturb you. Here it's all right to converse in a low voice and take short phone calls.


Your very own workplace to go to every day, that you don't share with anyone else. It's fully equipped, with a desk and task chair. Here there is also space to put your personal belongings. This workplace may be in an open environment or in a separate room that you either have sole use of or share with others.


This quiet room is a space for relaxation during your stress-filled working day. It's intended for just one person, and designed to give you new strength and energy. You can come here for a short break, to listen to some music, read or meditate.