Other spaces

Inspiring and sometimes unexpected spaces that stimulate creativity and constructive meetings – and help you to think outside the box.


Health and well-being
Joy of movement
High specialisation
Workshops and events


The auditorium is intended for meetings and presentations, and can be designed in either an open or a closed environment. For example, you can choose traditional seating with auditorium furniture or a more unconventional solution with benches, depending on how you want the auditorium to be used. By locating the auditorium in a more unconventional, informal environment, such as next to the restaurant or café, you can create a creative meeting space with a wider range of uses.


Green spaces and daylight stimulate creativity and well-being. The orangerie can be furnished both for workshops and creative meetings, and with calm spaces for relaxation and reflection.


In the library you have space to read, focus and gather facts. Books and information technology obviously have their place here. The library can also be used for shared storage of the department's documentation. Furnish it with soft seating furniture and tables, and why not add proper desks for longer sessions? Materials, furniture and solutions with soundproofing properties are a good idea.


An inspiring space that stimulates innovative thoughts and collaboration – a flexible interior design with new technology supports your creativity.


A dedicated room for specialist employees. The laboratory is furnished with a functional desk and task chairs specifically customised for the work task. Good soundproofing contributes to concentration and peace and quiet at work.


The roof top garden, covered or open-air, is an obvious gathering point for staff get-togethers, events and customer visits. It can serve as an addition to the canteen or café, and can also be furnished with desks and as meeting spaces so that you can use the terrace for individual work or creative meetings. A lot of light and greenery mean that everyone feels good and is happy. 

GYM/Locker Room

Movement is important for creativity and productivity. Fitting an office gym in one of the office's open environments gives you the opportunity to exercise while you work. The gym can be equipped with balance boards, exercise balls, resistant bands and other simple equipment that can be used for balancing and stretching exercises. With a treadmill or two, you can exercise while you work or have a 'walking meeting' with a colleague.


Sometimes we think best while we are doing something else and our brains are relaxing for a while. A combined playroom and activity room, with space for ping-pong, pool, hockey or gaming allows for the open-ended togetherness that can lead to creative ideas. The room can therefore be fitted with different types of soft, hard, high and low seating and tables that make it easy to pick up work as soon as discussion arises.