Social spaces

Being able to socialise with colleagues without feeling any pressure to perform often gives rise to the best ideas. By designing the office to include many types of social spaces, you take advantage of these opportunities.


Good lighting and acoustic environment


The lounge is the obvious meeting point in the office – not entirely unlike a hotel lobby. This is where you have the opportunity to get together with your colleagues and talk about work or socialise in a relaxed environment. The lounge is the ideal place when you need to sit down and check your emails, or when you want to have a coffee and clear your thoughts for a while. With the right interior design, the lounge can also be a place for presentations and events.


Here, you can stop for a while to read through a document or check your emails. This space is also ideal for use as a temporary workplace between meetings. There is also space for short conversations in smaller groups. Quiet conversations or phone calls are OK, without anyone being disturbed.


The lunch or dinner break is a welcome opportunity to socialise with colleagues and customers in a more relaxed way. But it also offers the opportunity for a few minutes' peace and quiet. The canteen should be furnished to meet both needs. It should be usable for quick individual work tasks and for larger meetings and presentations, and it's a good idea to locate it next to the lounge.


This is the most popular and most relaxed meeting place in the office. You meet your colleagues by the coffee machine several times a day, and this is often how conversations begin. A simply furnished café hot spot, for example with standing tables and high stools, gives you space for quick briefings or deeper conversations.  


Here you can have a quick espresso, meet colleagues after work, or invite customers. It's an appreciated meeting place that can be used in many different ways.