Telephone spaces

Not all phone calls are the same. With a number of different telephone spaces to choose from, you can find the right level of conversation, and talk without being disturbed or disturbing others.


Freedom of choice
Good acoustic environment
Supportive technology


This is where you go if you want to talk undisturbed for a longer period or make confidential phone calls you don't want anyone else to hear. The room can be furnished with a table and chairs so that you can sit comfortably and make notes while you talk.


Here you can talk privately. The phone booth has walls made of sound-absorbing material, so that you don't disturb others and they don't disturb you. The walls also act as visual screening and make it easy for you to focus on your call. The booth can be fitted with a small table surface for a laptop and quick note-taking.


This is where you go to make non-sensitive calls. It is an open, inviting space furnished for the purpose. It can, for example, have high-backed seating furniture and screening at the sides to give it a degree of privacy and sound insulation. Small tables act as a practical place to put your laptop.