Grow | Art. no GROWFB79

Flower box with a high stand.

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Plant holder for living solutions

A well-designed plant holder and room divider that makes it easy to create flexible, sustainable solutions and contributes to a healthy work environment. It provides inspiration, playfulness, and a vibrant indoor environment. A flexible and pleasant solution that grows into the office, where the same plant holder can be used in many different interior designs. You can place it freestanding, in groups, rows, or separately on shelves, tables or cupboards. The plant holder can be attached securely anywhere. Fill it with a variety of plants and create different types of zones and small green oases. Research shows that humans need to spend time outdoors in nature and adding greenery to the office helps to create a sense of calm and well-being. Different shades of green symbolise nature and are naturally stress-relieving and refreshing, with a special effect on people’s ability to recover. Grow is easy to combine with other furniture and interior solutions in social spaces and meeting rooms, or to screen off workplaces. The freestanding solution is easy to move around as needs change. There are underframes in different heights to choose from for creative and functional solutions. A room divider in different heights is an easy way to change the dynamics in an open space. The plant holder is made of metal and is a vailable in black or white. The plant box includes a waterproof plastic insert for easy plant management.