A variety of settings from one piece of furniture

Vagabond by MATERIA Designed by Marie Oscarsson

As a young swede, Designer Marie Oscarsson was fascinated by the Ikea catalogue and the clever simplicity and functionality of so many of their products. Today Marie is a qualified designer and runs her own studio MOM that also likes to make an impression. It is Marie’s belief that working environments must be user-friendly and human-centred with a personal touch.

Marie is driven by future proofing her thinking - designing ranges of furniture that have multiple combinations of use or that create a room within a room, with innovative functionality. Her design language is often organic with soft lines and exciting fusions of materials.

Vagabond from MATERIA is a classic example of her thinking

“What distinguishes the Vagabond table from others is its diversity.The possibilities are almost endless with Vagabond! I like it when the user can apply their own personal touch to my furniture.”

Marie Oscarsson

Vagabond's castors make it easy to move and it can be used as a meeting table, a desk or a dining table in a canteen or restaurant. The table top can be placed at three different heights; 730, 900 or 1100 mm. The frame ends act as notice boards with accompanying magnets to hang pictures, messages or sketches either to the boards or directly onto the frame. There is also a transverse beam at the top to hang lights, plants or other interior fittings.

In the modern office of flexible working and spontaneous meetings, Vagabond is an ideal addition to cater for a variety of needs. It offers multiple settings in one piece of furniture.


Table top in white HPL laminate, white pigmented ash veneer or oak veneer.
Height table top; 730, 900 or 1100 mm.
Frame in white or black powder coating with wheels.
Steel tubing in matt chrome.
Magnets included (10).
Accessory box in white or black powder coating, outlets in white or black or whiteboard available as optional.

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