Sit-Stand desking from Kinnarps

With workplace projects enjoying Series P desks from as little as £400 each, it is now possible to consider this ergonomic revolution for ALL employees, not just a select few.


We’re delighted that Series P is attracting so much attention – not least for offering a sit-stand desk from as little as £400. Here are ten facts you may like to consider:

1. Range of Adjustment

Series P adjusts through 670mm – one of the largest ranges on the market - from 635mm to 1285mm, catering for people of all sizes.
Exceeds Class A status of EN527 standard

2. Low energy consumption

The standby energy consumption of a standard Series P desk is just 0.3watt/hr.
Far less than a low energy light bulb. An optional 0.1watt/hr ultra-eco specification is also available.

3. Quiet

The ultra-quiet motor has been designed to adjust the desk without distracting work colleagues. The smooth glide of the table up or down is surprisingly quiet compared to other models of adjustable desking.

4. Tried & Tested Technology

Series P is an evolution of a previous adjustable range - not an untested revolution – so it’s reliable and durable. And comes with a 10 year guarantee as standard.

5. Stability

Series P is as stable at its highest setting as it is at its lowest. It passes the demanding German GS standard for stability and is capable of raising an 80kg load to its highest setting.

6. Choice of finishes

You can specify Series P in a range of veneer and laminate finishes, including FSC standard timber and new Walnut and Black finishes. The frame is available in white, black and silver.

7. Adjustable Feet

If you have uneven floors you can adjust the feet of the Series P legs to ensure a safe and grounded base. The adjustment is easily accessible without having to lift or move the desks

8. Specification choices

You can specify various options on the Series P range, such as a sliding top, programmable height adjustment and anti-pinch protection.

9. Buy from the experts.

Over 90% of the workstations we sell in the Nordic markets are sit-stand, so we’re highly experienced in this field. With an annual turnover in excess of €450M that’s a lot of furniture. In fact we sell more sit-stand desks than anyone else in the World!

10. The Price!

With prices starting at £400 per desk, for an electronically adjustable workstation, Series P really is changing the way the UK market perceives sit-stand. Why compromise with a traditional fixed desk when you can now offer the benefits of sit-stand to all, rather than a few?