university of cambridge highlights the need to be active

"For many people who commute to work and have office-based jobs, there is no way to escape sitting for prolonged periods of time. For these people in particular, we cannot stress enough the importance of getting exercise, whether it’s getting out for a walk at lunchtime, going for a run in the morning or cycling to work. An hour of physical activity per day is the ideal, but if this is unmanageable, then at least doing some exercise each day can help reduce the risk."

This quote from Professor Ulf Ekelund, from the Medical Research Council Epidemiology Unit at the University of Cambridge, is part of a new report that highlights the dangers of the sedentary workforce and lack of regular exercise. In the research, published in the Lancet and using data gathered from over one million adults, an international team of researchers asked the question: if an individual is active enough, can this reduce, or even eliminate, the increased risk of early death associated with sitting down?

"Take a five minute break every hour, go to the next office, go upstairs to the coffee machine, go to the printer," said Prof Ekelund. "Build physical activity in your everyday life.”

'there is no way to escape sitting for prolonged periods of time?' - well, there is actually!
We would also argue that varying posture, via a sit-stand desk, is part of the mix of remaining active and not completely sedentary during office hours. We welcome the report that shows how important it is to consider ways to very posture, move and exercise during the working day.

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