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We have been delivering interior solutions for some time now, and are dedicated to giving you an ever better service. With boundless curiosity, we are committed to delivering attractive interior solutions that help you and your organisation stay motivated, productive and happy. To us, an interior isn’t just about the furniture: it’s about combining good design with our extensive expertise to support creativity and efficiency; about transforming our knowledge of ergonomics and wellbeing into spaces where you can create a lasting business and where individuals thrive. Last but not least, it’s about ensuring sustainability and responsibility is in everything we do. Only when we deliver on all these fronts have we done our job. When we succeed, we know you will succeed, making a real difference to organisations, individuals and the planet.

We call this: Successful Interiors.


When creating an office that promotes wellbeing and productivity, it is important to design a working environment that supports both the working methods and the people. The key to success is to address the needs of all types of personalities and to create spaces that support the various activities carried out during the day. With KINNARPS NEXT OFFICE® we offer research, strategy and advice for creating your ideal office.

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The physical environment of schools and education spaces is of great importance for learning and new knowledge. The right furniture and equipment support learning in both formal and informal education spaces. Therefore it is important to create attractive, ergonomic, flexible spaces that support students and teachers in their learning and development. With KINNARPS NEXT EDUCATION® we offer research, strategy and guidance in creating active learning spaces.

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A healing space is an environment in which an individual feels safe, stimulated and included - environments that improve the wellbeing of everyone who spends time in them, whether they be patients, staff or relatives. With KINNARPS NEXT CARE® we offer an understanding of how care environments can be actively designed to stimulate the healing process and of the requirements that should be set for the interior design solutions.

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