Better workspaces
with holistic ergonomics

People are the single most important asset for your organisation. Make them feel welcome, secure, inspired, motivated, and healthy when they step into the workplace and out the door. No individual factor can make this happen. You must integrate multiple elements in a unified whole. At Kinnarps, we call it holistic ergonomics – a world where everything’s connected.

What’s holistic ergonomics?

Holistic ergonomics consists of different disciplines that work together – in the physical space, the organisation, and the social environment. It’s about understanding the interplay between several elements and how they collectively impact your well-being, productivity, success, and many other things. The whole truly is greater than the sum of its parts.

Visual model for Holistic ergonomics by Kinnarps

How to design with holistic ergonomics:


It’s essential to create spaces and tasks that encourage and accommodate movement. Movement optimises human performance and improves both physical and mental health. Your next position is your best position.

Minimise negative distractions

Many factors can hinder you from focusing on your current task. It can be distractions like annoying noise, visual distractions, insufficient light, poor ventilation, the wrong interior solution for your way of working, and so on. Minimise or remove them altogether.

Create a positive working climate

A positive working climate reduces stress, improves collaboration and supports both workflows and your employer brand. It’s an important aspect of every attractive organisation and employer.

What results can you expect?

Increased well-being

If you promote movement and invest in your physical as well as organisational and social environment you will receive both healthier and happier employees.  

Higher efficiency

A work environment designed according to mapped activities and working method creates better flow and conditions for people to perform their tasks more efficiently.

Fewer sick leaves

By preventing physical problems and mental health issues, people will have fewer absent days due to pain and anxiety.

Employee morale

Give people the opportunity to influence their work environment in order to best perform their tasks. They will feel more motivated, appreciated and respected.

Attractive employer

Well-being increases employee satisfaction, retains personnel, makes it easier to recruit and enhances a brand’s reputation.

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Every visible and invisible aspect of ergonomics have a profound impact on people’s health, well-being, and productivity. In the world of holistic ergonomics, the human body, mind, and soul are closely intertwined with each other. The key is to understand how everything’s connected.




Minimized distractions


Positive work climate




Earthy colours



Which elements affect workplace ergonomics?

Holistic ergonomics involves a balance of visible and invisible factors. Some of them are obvious and self-explanatory, while others operate behind the scenes. You might not see it, but your body and mind feels it.

You might not see it, but
your body and mind feels it

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Think of holistic ergonomics like a beautiful composition of music – a language that transcends borders, changes perspectives, and connects people. Harmony can only be achieved through the arrangement of individual elements and a pleasing combination of notes and tones that work together. The result is music to your ears.

Ergonomics is like music