This year, Kinnarps' Christmas gift will consist of a donation to the Red Cross and their international work to help people in need.

Our holiday gift saves lifes

For many years Kinnarps has had a tradition of showing its gratitude to its talented employees at Christmas. The last few years the company has chosen to show this appreciation with a joint gift to charity.

This year Kinnarps has chosen to support the Red Cross and their international aid efforts. The Red Cross is represented all over the world and consists of millions of volunteers who have decided to help other people. The goal is to save lives and give hope by distributing food, preventing disasters, and contributing with human warmth and compassion. Through this Christmas contribution on behalf of all colleagues, Kinnarps are playing a part in supporting communities where it is most needed.

We see this year's Christmas gift as an important way to make a difference where it is needed. Showing social responsibility is also an important part of Kinnarp's long-term sustainability work, says Kjell Strandberg, Human Resources Director. As a large international company, represented in more than 40 countries, we see that the Red Cross and their work worldwide fits well with our company's values ​​and global focus.

Kjell Strandberg

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