Kinnarps presents study on the pandemic's impact on physical learning spaces and how principals see the future

With the covid-19 pandemic, the school as building and methods of teaching have faced completely new challenges. Learning environments needed to be quickly transformed to reduce the spread of infection and, in some places, to switch partially or entirely to remote teaching. New opportunities for teaching and using school premises have come about. Creative and innovative solutions have created more successful ways to offer students the best chance to learn, but it has also been challenging for many to adjust.
Of the 200 principals in Sweden who participated in the study, half state that they have created space between seats in the classrooms and 66% have changed the furniture in the canteen. But far from everyone has had the opportunity to make the required changes, among the answers about what is missing, a more flexible interior design tops the wishlist. The importance of the physical environment has been put to the fore, and now more than ever it is important to consider the future design of schools. How do you need to think to create interior design solutions that are sustainable?

“In order to create a flexible and future-proof interior, it is important to prioritise and plan the physical environment early when new learning environments are to be designed. Then you have good conditions to create furnishings that last over time and that support students, staff and the school in general. It is important to buy the right solution from the start and look at the total life cycle cost of the interior. We at Kinnarps have developed the learning space analysis Next Education®, which can be a support in the important preparatory work when new learning environments are planned or existing ones are transformed.”

Anders Larsson, Learning Space Strategist Kinnarps AB

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