Kinnarps wins contract as furniture supplier to SKL Kommentus

Kinnarps and SKL Kommentus have now entered an agreement. SKL Kommentus' "Möbler 2017" procurement consisted of several tender areas, where agreements have now been signed for most of them. The entire framework agreement is estimated to be worth SEK 1.4 billion per year. The agreement will run for a period of two years with the possible extension up to one year, plus one additional year.

The "Möbler 2017" procurement has encompassed a wide spectrum of interior design solutions for schools, healthcare facilities and offices. From SKL Kommentus' viewpoint, the purpose of the procurement was to cover many different kinds of interior design solutions and services in order to meet customer needs. Kinnarps is a one-stop supplier of products for all the areas included in the procurement.

The procurement focused on the environmental and sustainability aspects of products and their manufacturing, which is something Kinnarps is passionate about. Sustainability has always been a key issue for Kinnarps. Earlier this year, Kinnarps released the Better Effect Index, a tool for measuring sustainability throughout the entire chain, from design to reuse. It is not enough to simply have good products. How they are developed, the impact they have on the individual, on the world around us and on the organisation itself, is, and will continue to be, important. In order to increase awareness of environmental and sustainability issues, Kinnarps has made the Better Effect Index open source and thus, available to all suppliers in the industry.

Kinnarps has extensive experience in working with sustainability and interior design in public environments. It is our goal to create working environments that lead to success and well-being for people, the organisation and the world around us. With a local presence in 49 locations throughout Sweden, from Ystad in the south to Kiruna in the north, we have good knowledge of the needs of municipalities, municipal companies and county councils.

"We at Kinnarps are proud to have been given SKL Kommentus' continued trust to be their one-stop supplier of sustainably manufactured interior design," says Robert Petersson, CEO of Kinnarps AB.

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Key Account Manager 
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Kristina Hjalmarsson, Kinnarps AB
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Kinnarps delivers interior design solutions for offices, schools and healthcare facilities. The entire value chain is characterised by high quality and low environmental impact – from raw materials to finished workplace solutions. Kinnarps is one of Europe's biggest manufacturers of interior design solutions for workplaces, with operations in 40 countries and a Group turnover of over SEK 4 billion. Kinnarps was founded in 1942 by Jarl and Evy Andersson. It is still today a wholly-owned family business.