Petite | Art. no

Petite is a coffee table series of small, delicate, round tray tables.



The table top is available in metal with a folded edge or in smooth veneered wood. The metal frame is mounted to the table top with a round brass fitting, adding a decorative detail. Petite comes in several sizes, heights and colours and can be combined in small stylish groups to suit different interiors and colour schemes. The veneered table tops made from FSC® labelled wood come in white pigmented ash or clear stained oak and the metal parts are powder coated in Colours by Materia (CbM*). The table‚Äôs few constituent parts are easy to replace if necessary, making it sustainable and recyclable. Petite is suitable as a coffee table or side table, either on its own or in a group. *CbM = beige, mustard yellow, dusty pink, rusty red, burgundy red, blue grey, green, grey, dark grey, black, white.