How do you create an attractive, functional care environment in which residents, staff and relatives can feel at home and happy? Kinnarps will always tailor a process to meet your particular needs. With our experience, we see four clear phases that involve all stakeholders in the project, always based on the specific operations and with the individual at the centre.

In the first phase, we recommend our analysis Next Care® in which your vision, goals, challenges, opportunities and current and future needs are identified. The results will be compiled and analysed before being converted to tangible suggestions for an interior design solution tailored to your needs. Implementation takes place in the form of delivery, installation and review of products and the new environment with your staff to ensure that everyone is aware of the possibilities the new environment offers and how these can be harnessed. In the last phase, we will conduct a follow up to evaluate, analyse and, if needed, adjust the environment to work best for all individuals.

How the Kinnarps care environment analysis works


Vision and goals

First, we work with management or the project group to create a joint vision for the project. We give a lecture on care environments of the future based on research and experience and conduct a workshop to identify challenges and opportunities. Together, the group will formulate the values, vision, goals and strategy. It is vital that management has a clear, common definition of the operation’s goals and values.


Needs mapping and involvement

In the next step, we involve staff and other project stakeholders to get as many perspectives as possible. We provide training in demands on interior design and in identifying current and future needs. Through a battery of workshops, we will test out new ideas and ways of thinking, review the different rooms and spaces and the activities that take place in them and discuss hard and soft values.


Results and recommendations

We compile everything that comes out of the meetings, discussions and workshops into a report. Together, we review the report and its conclusions. Based on your vision and goals, we make recommendations for the physical environment and for what can be good to consider for the next step – drawing up the design and procuring furnishings. With this report and knowledge as the basis, the conditions are laid for designing a care environment tailored to your operations.

From analysis to a new care environment

We make the care environment tangible by drawing an interior design solution based on the results of the analysis. We design a physical environment that brings the vision of your operations to life with furniture in carefully selected materials and colours. Kinnarps’ staff will deliver and install your interior and give you an introduction to your new care environment. Together with your staff, we review the functions and opportunities, illustrate how to use the environments in an ergonomically correct way and how they should function based on the guidelines developed for your specific facility.

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The effect you get from a care environment analysis is a sustainable and health-promoting care environment that creates room for quality of life. It is environments that are designed according to identified needs and that invite to meals, company, meetings, activities and rest - individually or together. They also take hard and soft values into consideration, support residents, staff and relatives over time and create health economic effects based on three parameters:


  • Including and involving all stakeholders in the project from the very beginning to create engagement and to strengthen the culture.
  • An environment that inspires, stimulates and enlivens residents, staff and relatives.
  • A homely, safe environment that supports the individual in their day-to-day activities.
  • Improved well-being for everyone, because everyone benefits from the variation of moving between different kinds of sensory experiences and ergonomically correct environments.
  • A feeling of belonging and pride in the care environment (whether as your home, workplace or a place to meet).


  • The right interior design solutions in the right places, providing environments that effectively support actual activities.
  • A variety of flexible, multi-functional environments that can be adapted to the care situation.
  • Future-proof environments in terms of quality, timeless design and the ability to adapt them over time.
  • An environment that is inclusive and that can be adapted to the many needs of the individual.
  • An environment that is secure and easy to understand and find your way around.


  • Efficient use of space, taking advantage of all space in the care environment.
  • Health economic benefits in that all environments are well thought out and support daily life.
  • The right interior design solution from the start – a future-proof and sustainable investment based on identified needs.
  • An environment that strengthens, distinguishes and highlights the facility’s vision and brand and makes it easier to recruit both residents and staff.
  • Reduced risk of accidents and sick leave.

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