Kinnarps creates harmony with holistic ergonomics

Kinnarps has always taken a holistic approach to interior spaces. Ergonomics is one of the core elements in their interior solutions. This will have even greater importance from now on, as changing work patterns and a job market in flux impose new demands on both interior design and people. To make it easy to understand the importance of holistic ergonomics, Kinnarps has summed up all the benefits in a theme – “Creating Harmony”.

Holistic ergonomics by Kinnarps

With the help of holistic ergonomics, Kinnarps makes it easier for business leaders, purchasers, managers and architects to meet the future. Taking a holistic approach to the concept of ergonomics also makes it easier for employees and employers to adapt to an ever-changing reality. A new normal that is characterised by greater flexibility, individual customisations and openness to new ideas. Kinnarps’ holistic perspective starts by putting the well-being, creativity and productivity of people first. In short, holistic ergonomics is the complete experience of a space and one of the key ingredients when creating successful interior spaces. This requires a broader perspective to ensure that all parts of the ergonomic solution are in harmony with each other. In other words, the holistic approach is more important than ever, and will be an essential aspect in the offices, schools and healthcare spaces of the future.

Look at the big picture through the eyes of science

Holistic ergonomics has a scientific basis and connects all physical factors with all organisational and social aspects. Furniture, layout, air, temperature, light, colours, materials, sound and movement are strongly linked to culture, leadership, individuality, inclusion, behaviour and etiquette. When these two worlds are brought together and given due consideration, something tangible and measurable happens. As well as boosting productivity and efficiency, people’s daily tasks become easier, more convenient and healthier to perform. A well-functioning space in which people feel happy and perform better also makes it easier to retain employees and recruit new staff. This means that holistic ergonomics also offers several financial benefits. The right ergonomic solution will have a greater impact on a company’s bottom line.

People and space in perfect harmony

It’s impossible to do better business, reduce sick leave and work injuries, or build a healthy working environment if things are unbalanced. All parts of the space need to interact with each other in harmony. In other words, furniture alone will not solve people’s back problems if their discomfort is being exacerbated by weak leadership or a toxic culture. That is what makes the holistic perspective so crucial. By showing the big picture, Kinnarps can help its clients to make people more productive, efficient and flexible. This method also creates a solid foundation for increased well-being, better cooperation and less stress – in offices, schools and healthcare facilities.

Listen to see the bigger picture. Holistic ergonomics by Kinnarps.

Think of our products like instruments in an orchestra. They can perform extraordinary things individually, but they’re not meant to go solo. It’s impossible to do better business, reduce sick leave or injuries and foster a sound working environment if things are unbalanced and untuned. You need harmony. At Kinnarps, we call it holistic ergonomics. It’s the modern way of creating the complete experience of a space and one of the most important ingredients when designing the successful office, school or care environment of the future. Listen and enjoy.


Read more about the benefits of holistic ergonomics and explore scientific articles on the Kinnarps website.

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