Create your own zone

Create your own zone

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Desktop screens provide a quieter working environment

Nowadays, many workplaces are open-plan offices. This layout has many benefits. But it also entails background noise. Depending on how sensitive you are to this, it may cause serious distractions in your work.

Desktop screens are the perfect solution for open-plan offices. When noise is kept at a comfortable level, you can focus better on your work. Your productivity will increase and you will perform better in the long run. Our desktop screens are designed to reduce sound as well as to keep noise from your surroundings from seeping in to where you are sitting. We also have thicker, sound-absorbing versions. The screens are easily mounted on your desk and come in a number of designs.

Storage accessories, etc

In addition to lowering the noise level of your workplace, desktop screens play an important role in physically partitioning an area while blending nicely into the interior. Kinnarps has a number of varieties and colours to choose from so your desktop screen fits nicely into your office environment.

There are number of accessories for desktop screens. For instance, mirrors, hooks and small storage bags that can be attached to the screen. With these accessories, each workplace can be personalised and you gain space for storing office materials above the desk.

Also for schools and classrooms

Our desktop screens can also be used in school classrooms. The sound-dampening walls make it easier for children and adults to concentrate during the school day. Screens from Kinnarps are easy to mount and with the right accessories, your work surfaces will stimulate body and mind.